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Boletín de Septiembre 2009 (Vol. 3, nº. 8)Versión español

Newsletter September 2009 (Vol. 3, nº. 8) English version

Boletín de noticias \ Boletín Vol. 3, nº. 8 (Septiembre, 2009)


The report "In-Patient Healthcare Establishments Statistics. Annual Information" is now available for download from the web in PDF format:"Estadística de Establecimientos Sanitarios con Régimen de Internado (Indicadores Hospitalarios) año 2007". The report contains information of the resources and healthcare and economic activities of Spanish hospitals. Similarly, The Anonymous Microdata Files are now available for download in the Data Bank for organisations, institutions and researchers. These files contain the information needed to understand and use the data, including glossaries of terms, questionnaires and technical documents.

In order to guarantee the best access to the available data, the Healthcare Information Institute allows for the download (in PDF format) of the publication Barómetros Sanitarios 2003 -2007 , which analyses the results of the said Health Barometers

The 2007 teaching material for the course on the International Classification of Diseases. CIE 9-MC 6th Edition is also available at the Publications Service cursos de Codificación Clínica con CIE-9-MC

The Health Information Institute provides access to the National Statistical Data on Hospital Admissions in the National Health System Estadísticos de referencia estatal de GRD. By diagnostic group. Available for 2000 though 2007

The Spanish Ministry of Health and Social Policy represents Spain in the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO) as the Quality Agency of the National Health System (NHS) and is responsible for undertaking those initiatives aimed at promoting the use of SNOMED CT™ (Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine--Clinical Terms) for electronic medical records in all the autonomous regions of Spain. In compliance with the article of association of the IHTSDO, The Ministry has created download area for Snomed CT

The Ministry has published a press release on the coding of the Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 (codificación de la gripe A (H1N1)) within the CIE 9- MC, available for download in the PDF format

The updated and improved version of the Biblioteca Cochrane Plus is now available. The improvements in the new version include the option of performing a simple search or an assisted search for advanced questions. More information

This past 21 September 2009 the presentation of the Ibero-American Study of Adverse Events (IBEAS) took place in Mexico. The project is overseen by the Ministry of Health and Social Policy and the World Health Organisation in collaboration with Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru and is managed by the Pan American Health Organization

On 1st and 2nd October 2009 there will be a teacher training workshop on the 5 moments for hand hygiene at the headquarters of the Institute of Health Management. This workshop is sponsored by the Quality Agency as apart of the proposed actions included in the hands hygiene campaign, one of the objectives of the Patient Safety Strategy of the NHS

The Monitoring and Evaluation Committee on Palliative Care Strategy in the NHS will be meeting at the Ministry on 14 October to finalise the rough draft of Evaluation and establish the main lines of action for next year.

The Monitoring Committee for the Zero Bacteræmia Project (Proyecto Bacteriemia Zero) will be meeting on 22 October 2009 in Madrid to announce the progress made in the autonomous regions and hospital ICUs. This project is headed by the Spanish Society of Critical, Intensive and Coronary Medicine Units (Semicyuc) and promoted by the Quality Agency of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, in collaboration with the autonomous regions and the World Alliance for Patient Safety of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Son Llàtzer Hospital reduces severe sepsis mortality by half (, 16 September 2009) )

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